The 50’s Pump



Marilyn Monroe shoes

“Give a Girl the Right   Shoe and She Will Conquer the World.”

This is one of the most famous quotes from Marilyn Monroe.

There is not doubt that her shoes gave Marilyn Monroe her sexy wiggle.

Marilyn Monroe Shoes

Marilyn Monroe Shoes at Ferragamo Museum

 The pointy pump will make your legs look longer and super sexy.

Vivian Pump

Vivian Dyeable Pump

The new style Vivian is a replica of this famous style originally designed by Ferragamo.

Vivian Pump

Vivian dyed in Pink

Vivian is perfectly plain and it could be dyed in any colour.

Vivian dyed with Zara Shoe Clips

Vivian dyed with Zara Shoe Clips

We have just introduced a new collection of dyeable shoe clips to complement and finish this sexy look.

(With Zara Clips)

Vivian Pump

Vivian with Gemma Shoe Clips

With Gemma Shoe Clips



ImageLet’s face the truth ladies, shoes are like clothes – some styles suit us and some don’t as much as we would like them to.

The shape of our foot will determine which styles suit us better. As with buying clothes we have to choose something that we like but that is also comfortable and suitable for our foot too. This is very important especially when talking about bridal or special occasion shoes because we all want to have a good time but not have to think about having sore feet or walk barefoot or in thongs after a few hours.

I’m sorry girls but the barefoot / thongs option is not very glamorous and we are all about glamour and elegance here at Deseo ;-)..


Most customers will have one foot slightly larger than the other. If this is the case you will always have to choose the size fitting for the larger foot and use some gel insert for the smaller foot. For extreme cases were one foot could be up to size bigger than the other we recommend shoes with some kind of strap to hold securely the smaller foot.



If you are normally a half size but the style you like is only available in full sizes, get half a size up and use some gel inserts. For the perfect fitting we recommend you to choose styles made in half sizes. At Deseo we carry a very big collection of shoes available in half sizes.


For those ladies with blister problems we have several recommendations:

  • First: Wearing stockings are a good option however they are not appropriate for every style. We stock a magical product called SILKY FEET which is a spray that covers your foot in Silk as if you were wearing a real stocking, reducing friction and making your skin smoother. Girls, this really works! 
  • Second: If the shoe has a closed back, putting on a pair of soft leather SUEDE HEEL LINERS is a very clever and cheap solution.
  • Third: Some styles may rub or tightly hug a small area of one foot and not the other. If this is the case, then always carry with you a pack of MINI GELS, they can be hidden easily, are washable and reusable.
  • Fourth: If the above “first aids” don’t work for you and you have a big problem with blisters then the next best thing is to choose shoes with straps. Why? Because blisters are the result of continuous friction between your skin and your shoe; when wearing shoes      with straps your foot tends to move less inside the shoe than wearing a regular court shoe.


• I HAVE A NARROW FOOT We don’t carry a specific collection of narrow shoes, however some styles are more suitable than others depending of the manufacturer and the shape of the shoe. For examples the styles SAVANNA and CHICA are appropriate for narrow foot. A good alternative is to buy shoes with straps which will hold your foot or introduce some PADS or small INSOLES to fill the extra space around your foot.

• I HAVE A WIDE FOOT We stock a big range of wide and extra wide shoes. Click here to see our WIDE FIT COLLECTION. However sometimes if a regular shoe has a generous fitting and your foot is not extra wide you will be OK.

Image• I HAVE LONG TOES This could be a problem for some peep toe styles as the toes will slide down through the hole and it could be quite uncomfortable. If you decide to go ahead with a peep toe, make sure it has a little hole like the style CEIBA.

• I HAVE BUNIONS In this case try strappy shoes where the straps could be accommodated between the sore area or choose some shoe from our SUPER SOFT COLLECTION. These shoes feature a breathable very soft padded lining and extra spongy latex under foot. Alternative you can choose a style from our WIDE FIT COLLECTION.

• WHEN TO BUY YOUR SHOES The best thing is to try your wedding shoes after a long walk or after standing for a few hours Why? Because you will be on your feet for long hours on your wedding day and the foot tends to naturally swell up after a few hours standing. This way you will not end up buying shoes that are too small. Another thing to consider is the weather as the heat will affect the width of your foot (make them wider). If you buy your shoes in winter and your wedding is in summer you may find that the shoes are too tight – hopefully you won’t discover this right on your wedding day.

At Deseo we offer a personalised and professional fitting service and we stock the biggest collection of quality dyeable bridal shoes in Australia. We will be happy to help you finding the perfect pair of shoes for that special ocassion. CONTACT DESEO


Introducing the new crystal peep toe ORVIETTO by Rainbow Couture.
This edgy peep toe with covered platform is adorned with gleaming diamantes for an ultra-modern look. Made of high quality dyeable silk, leather lining and sole and a padded insole    concentrating on the ball of the foot.
deseo bridal shows

$39 –

$99 –

$69 –

GAVASKAR long dress

$249 –


Carolina Herrera 2013 collection is pure romance and fantasy.
A winter wedding beyond elegance.

172 AUD –

99 AUD –

39 AUD –

69 AUD –



Elie Saab presented his 2012 spring collection in Paris.

Delicious pastel gowns with delicate floral ornamentation.

To complement this look have your bridal and bridesmaids shoes dyed at Deseo.

The Deseo 2012 colour chart features more than 140 colours:  Egg Blue, Cotton Candy,  Winter Pink, Mercury … You are the designer!

209 AUD –

219 AUD –

Katie Shoe Clips
25 AUD –

Ribbon Earrings
39 AUD –

Colour swatch
3 AUD –

Silvia custom dyed
189 AUD –

Beatrice custom dyed 
162 AUD –

Tiffany Earrings
44 AUD –

Elie Saab

Elie Saab

Boheme and Chic Brides

Romantic and Delicate Brides

The 2012 pret-a-porter collection of the Spanish designer Ailanto shows a boheme and chic bride inspired in the glamorous 20’s. Relaxed gowns with impeccable lines and delicate details in gold, beige and antique pink. To match this look Deseo proposes plain satin ivory shoes and feminine earrings. For the most romantic brides a flower shoe clip will add the final touch.

America Ivory
155 AUD –

Alexandra Ivory
172 AUD –

Pink Ruffle Shoe Clips
70 AUD –

Chloé Shoe Clips
23 AUD –

Monica earrings
29 AUD –

Spring earrings
29 AUD –

Luna Ivory
159 AUD –

Tiffany earrings
44 AUD –

Ribbon earrings
39 AUD –